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Why we should choose Blogger (blogspot) for blogging ?

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Why we should choose Blogger for blogging ?

When anyone want to start blogging then he/she search for ‘Best Blogging Platform’ and he/she found two famous names in blogging world as we know ‘WordPress’ and ‘Blogger’.  Then confusion starts about choosing the blogging platform. Every blogging platform has it’s qualities. Here I am going to tell about the Blogger platform and going to tell that how it is the best platform for blogging.

Which is best Blogging platform Blogger or WordPress ?

If you analyze answer about that question then you will find that WordPress is the best platform for blogging but if you are new in  blogging then it is not the right answer for you.
Wordpress is best but it should be self hosted it means you have to host your WordPress account from any WebHosting site which requires some investment. If you are new in blogging then it is obvious that you are not aware about SEO (Search Engine Optimization) and other related terms. So it is recommended that you have to follow Blogger for blogging if you are new in blogging.

Benefits of Blogger over WordPress.

Blogger have many plus points over WordPress free account which can easily noticed by creating a account in blogger. One of important benefit is that Blogger is the service of Google so Google give preference to blogger blogs in his search results. Other Benefits of  Blogger blogs on WordPress blogs are given below-
  •  To operate Blogger blog is very easy, You can see that the whole process from creating account to posting first article is very easy. But in case of WordPress  it looks very critical to find Dashboard and posting a article or we can say it is less user friendly than Blogger.
  • In Blogger is it free to associate your Domain name to your blog but in WordPress free account it is not free of cost.
  • Blogger gives facility to upload customized template free of cost but in case of free account of WordPress it is not available free of cost
  • Blogger is the service of Google so Google give preference for Blogger blogs rather than free WordPress Blogs.
  •  It is easy to customize layout in Blogger but in WordPress it is not easy.
  • Blogger gives Ad free blog but Free WordPress blog have Ad placed in it.
  •  In WordPress the templates are not free, they have only some general templates are free and others are for Premium account but in Blogger you can upload your template or you can choose one template from various templates available at Blogger which are free.

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