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1. DropMocks



I am sure you have faced situations when you quickly want to share a photo (or a bunch of photos) with a friend and can’t figure out the best ways to do it. Emailing it, uploading on Facebook or Picasa and many options are available but they are not necessarily quick. Drop Mocks is a neat web service that fills that gap. Just drag and drop a photo onto the box at the middle of their homepage and you are done (no need to sign up with them).

It will upload the photo and create a link that you can quickly share. If you put more than one photo there, it’ll create a nice album that will show a slideshow of the photos to your friend or whoever you are sharing them with.


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If you are looking to edit a video and don’t want to download or use a software for that, then JayCut – which is completely web based – should be sufficient. It’s a feature-rich online video editing tool to edit and spice up your videos. 

3. Crocodoc
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Crocodocis a brilliant online document viewer and editor that can help you quickly view and share PDFs, Microsoft Office docs, images and more. You can edit files (even a PDF document), add comments, highlights and markups, and quickly share them online. The best part – it uses HTML5 and hence doesn’t require Flash like most of other such services. That makes it less buggy and more efficient. 

We TransferSo you created a video of your new born baby and now you want to share it with your mother who lives thousands of miles away. The Internet makes it possible but the only problem is that the video file is likely to be very large, so sharing it via email and most of the other mediums isn’t feasible. A tool like WeTransfer can come in handy in situations like this. You can send files up to 2 GB in size with it. It’s free, doesn’t require you to register and works quite well. I have used it many times to send huge files and so far it has never disappointed me. 


5. YTPlaylist

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YTPlaylistis a cool YouTube playlist creator. You can start searching for your favorite music videos on YouTube and keep adding them to the playlist. The tool will automatically play them in the order you specify, and also keep buffering the queued videos so that there is no time lag and the music is played continuously. You can drag and drop the videos in the list to alter their order of playing.


6. Backupify

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Imagine if Facebook were to shut down your account tomorrow, or Flickr losing your pictures. Seems highly unlikely? A simple Google search would show you that this has happened with many people. The main problem in such situations is the loss of data…the pictures, messages and what not. Hence a web service like Backupify which can backup a number of popular services is something each one of us should consider using. It has a decent free plan as well as paid plans,it will also Helps You to Backup Your Online Accounts.

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