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Unlocking codes of Videocon V1575 and it’s Advantages and Disadvantages with Key Specification, Price and Place for buy

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Key Specifications of Videocon V1575

Videocon V1575 is a good phone in budget price. It have some special features which is unavailable at this price which is 1499 Rs at this time. Some features of this phones are-
1. 2 MP camera
2. 2.4 inch TFT Screen
3.FM Radio with Recording


5. Dual Standby Sim

6. QWERTY Key pad

7. Expandable Storage upto 4 GB

8. Auto Call Answer

9. Black List

10. Li-Ion Battery of 1100 mah

11.Internal Memory of 68.2 MB

12. JAVA supported

13. Audio Jack – 3.5 mm

14. SMS memory- 1000

15. Phone Book memory- 2000

16. Motion Sensor

17. Data Protection

18. Auto Call Recorder

19. Answering Machine

Hands On Review of Videocon V1575

I buy this phone few months ago and I got some advantages and some disadvantages in it. It is a good phone with stylish look and QWERTY key pad. I am giving the some points about this phone below-

Advantages of this phone

1. It have good finishing which make it looks like a Good phone with high price. In fact one day when I was using this phone one guy comes to me and asked that ” Is it Blackberry ? ” . It feels good to me. It have shiny body with two colors which makes it better.
2. It is Java supported phone, due to this we can install the Java applications in it. Java is working well on this phone. Some Java applications are preinstalled in it which  makes it better. Java applications are Opera Mini, Facebook, Twitter, Snaptu, Orkut and many more.
3. Internet browsing in this phone is good. I used this phone for internet browsing with preinstalled Opera-Mini and it works good and the browsing was fast but the downloading in this phone is not good. I was not able to download songs and videos from many websites.
4. It have many Call options and we can use these features for better calling experience. Auto call Answer is a good feature, it means when anyone make a call on your phone and if you was not present or not able to receive the call then this function works and said caller to send a message and the message by caller will be recorded in your phone and you  can hear it when you will free.
5. Other calling and other options are in it like Black List and Theft Protection.
6. The Camera quality is good. It have a good camera of 2 MP,  by it various size of pictures can be clicked. The screen quality is also good and the pictures on the screen looks very clear and colourful. It is not like the screen of other phones which are available in the market at this price.
7. A feature by which I impressed most is the Pause and Resume capability of any JAVA application.  In this phone any JAVA application can be pause if you want to do any other work on phone then you can use this feature and another advantage is that if you are downloading or loading any page from internet in any JAVA application then it will continue on pausing the application.

Disadvantages of this phone

1. The major disadvantage of this phone is that it locked itself when it feels the data theft and the code to open the phone at this situation is a special code. I also suffered from this situation by two times and after suffering I was able to got the code to unlock it. Now it works fine. (Code is mentioned in the next topic.)
2. The second major problem is related to its Internet connectivity. It have connection setting which i little bit difficult for a noob. It have downloading problem too, when I was using it I was not able to download songs videos and other stuff by many websites. But songs downloading was good from wap sites.
3. Third major problem is it’s 100 watt PMPO speakers. It have speakers which are very loud even in their minimum sound. It make sound like a T.V. speaker which feels very bad.  You can not set any tune due to its high audio. There is no option that you can remove the vibration and tone both which is not good. The solution of that problem is that you can use this phone in silent or set a tone which is complete silent.

Unlocking Code of Videocion V1575

After spending some time on internet I have found a Unlocking code which is working and after using it you can use your phone without any problem I think. Code is-


Use this code when your phone got locked and shows “Input Lock Code” .

Price and Place For Buying

This phone have price of 1499 Rs this time on Flipkart. You can buy it from Flipkart from below link and you can search it in Google for other websites.
Videcon V1575 by from Flipkart

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