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Top free Android apps 2013 from the Google Play store

Written by Different Trendz
In this era of Windows 8, tablets, Smartphones, Smart PCs, Ultra books and i OS users, to starve for some useful apps is not a surprise at all.  I am specially going to share some new free apps for its Android device users.
As per the statistics revealed by the Google Play store, the best hub for all types of mobile stuffs, as well as the free Android applications.

Top  free Android apps 2013 from the Google Play store

‘Change my voice’ Google Play app for Android devices – review


This app is developed by the Best Free Apps International Inc. and as the name suggest, it is the best app to change and modify a person’s voice. It requires you to have Android 2.3 or above to install the 1.3 MB data of its latest 1.7 version.
Its features are;

  • It can change your voice which you have recorded and change it into ‘Cat’, Men’s and Women’s voice etc. 
  • You will also be able to add some spicing effect like ‘Chorus’ or ‘Echo’ to make it more enjoyable. Furthermore, you can also control and modify the speed of your recordings to make to enjoyable. 

It is to be noted here that you cannot run this app while making or receiving a call. It also allows displaying commercial ads in it. 

‘Crazy Grandpa’ Android app from the Google Play store – review


This app is a creation gift from the ‘Crazy games’ and you need to have Android 2.1 or above to install the 7.5 MB free data of its latest 1.0.2 version. 
Its features are;

  • The greedy, adventurous and skillful grandpa with his ultra-fast skater. 
  • The exotic shots, breathtaking sounds and actions that grandpa is able to give in the game will make you real crazy!



‘Finger Print Scanner lock’ Google Play free app for android users – review


This is Free application gift from the ‘Droid App Solutions’ and you must have Android 2.0 or later to download and install the 1.2 MB free data of its latest 2.5 version. As the title of this app says, it lock the screen of your Android device 
Its features are;

  • After you install it, you need to go to its ‘settings’ and set the number of finger print scans to be required to unlock your phone. 
  • One additional feature is that you can select any of its available themes – Ice cream, sandwich, iPhone 4S, Jelly Bean and iPhone 5 to appear as your lock screen instantly after you unlock your device.



‘Pixlr Express’ Android app from Google Play – review


This is a free app for Android devices which is developed by the ‘Autodesk Inc.’ and as per its nomenclature, it is a wonderful aid to pixelate your favorite images and design them graphically to look more beautiful. You should have Android 2.2 or above to download and install the 5.6 MB data of its new 1.0.1 version.
Its features are;

  • It is a a fun and free photo editor that lets you quickly  re-size, straighten, fix or crop and remove red-eye, whiten teeth etc.
  • You can also bind your edited images with suitable frames or boarders to look more fascinating. When you run this app, there is also an option to take or snap a photo immediately or to select from your folders. You can do as you like.



‘Bill Board Effects’ Android app from Google Play Store- review


This is also a free gift from the ‘’ and you need to have 1.6 or up to install the 842 KB data of its 0.0.1 version.
Its features are;

  • It recognizes the face in a photo automatically and immediately. 
  • It enables you to spice up your photo with funny photo effects and montages which not only creates a giggling impression but also compels everyone to share a laugh.
  • You can also share your effected photos to Facebook, Twitter or other places directly via Bill board. 



Documents to go 3.0 main app


This app support all android iOS phones. It is very useful app to view your all Microsoft documents. You can view your word, Powerpoint and excel documents by using the app. This is not for only to see the documents but once you purchase the full version you are allowed to do extra tasks. These includes working with documents by making edition, deletion and modifications.
Its features are;

  • It provides the password protection to your documents. It supports .ppt, .docx, .xls, .xlsx, .doc and .pptx files extensions. 
  • It provides great support to synchronize your Google docs and desktop synchronization is very easy.You can connect your device to desktop PC to transfer files very easily.



m Secure password manager


m Secure password manager is best app to secure your various passwords. It provides the best privacy to your android phone. It has password generator that are ability to create passwords in various unique combinations. 
Its features are;

  • This appliction provide the backup of your data.
  • Provides easy synchronization between pc and phone. A great amazing benefit of m Secure is that it deteriorate the password if it seems to be hacked. 



Road sync full version key

It is best email client application that is simple and easy to use. Road sync full version key is the great android app that keep track of your emails, documents and attachments by providing them wireless synchronization and security. This app uses Microsoft’s active sync to give the full security and synchronization of your contacts, emails and calender. You can download its free trial version and if you want to purchase the app it costs you $19.

If you have an Android device, go to get all the free stuffs above and experience them. 

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