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Top 8 Essential Plugins For WordPress

How to install plugins
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There are many persons who are into blogging and earning money daily via different sources. The best source of income comes when you have proper planning to do something big. So, let us now assume you want to start a WordPress site. What essential plugins you require before starting any website.

Top 8 Essential Plugins For WordPress

  1. Akismet: This plugin is used to clean your comment section from spammers.
  2. JetPack: It helps you to secure your site from malicious attacks. It has all the security features and statistics of your WordPress site.
  3. Social Warfare: A nice way to show social media icons where users can share your post on facebook, Twitter etc.
  4. WP Total Cache: Cache is a big problem these days as loads of plugins and themes you install to check the functionality of your site. So, In order to improve performance we should use a cache plugin.
  5. Contact Form: You want feedback from someone so that you can improve your site. Then this plugin is really helpful for you.
  6. Yoast SEO: The search engine optimization is really important for your site if you have proper keywords in order to put your post on the first page of google.
  7. Manage WordPress: So you have decided to take backup of your site and want to migrate it to another server this plugin will come handy in such situations.
  8. WP Smush: For image optimization, you must use the plugin in order to reduce the size of the image.

These 8 plugins I am using in every WordPress site. If you are new and starting it for the first time then consider these plugins as must in your dashboard. From my perspective, if you look I have ranked several posts on the first of Google, for example, my this post is on the first page which I ranked using SEO Yoast and WP Smush.

So, go ahead and Install all these plugins as soon as possible.


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