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Top 5 Cloud Backup Services

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                                            CLOUD BACKUP

In todays competitive world everyone is using a Laptop, Smartphone, Mobile and is involved in different social networking sites Like Facebook, Google +, Yahoo etc. And it is also true that everyone of us Store data, make a note of important documents and suddenly what happens is All your data is lost due to some reasons and now you are perplexed, puzzled and Thinking from where I can get these files back.
So Always remember that, when you are using any form data Make its backup, so that the lost data can recover back.
From now on I would give You a list of websites which are Useful to restore your lost data back. Let’s start this series with the cloud Back up and it will be followed by PC Backup, Device Backup, Windows 7 Backup, Social Network Backup, Blog Backup.
Cloud Backup:
1) OneMediaHub:
After signing up OneMediaHub user gets a cloud storage Data of 500MB.This is a free service and supports cross platform. Users can Install this application on Phone and Desktop. Here User can Backup there Important Files, they can synchronize their Phone address book, Multimedia and all important Files.
Web site: OneMediaHub
2) PhoneCopy:
Phonecopy is also a  Cross platform service, where Users can take backup of various devices Like A Phone Address Book, Message and Calender Data and synchronize it with other Devices. This application is supported By iPhone and Android Users. Its Basic Version is Free, but its premium membership is needed to be paid. In this basic version you can synchronize 500 contacts, 500 notes, 500 tasks to 2 devices. You can edit synchronize files of phone copy on the website itself.
Web site: PhoneCopy
3) Youlu:
Youlu is the best application to Backup Your Phone Contacts. This Application Supported by several operating systems like iPhone, Symbian And Android. Youlu supports Youlu messenger. And after looking at the contact List you can message to different user you want. This is similar to  BBM and What’s Up Messenger Application. The User’s can also sync their contacts with Calender and Message. Here you can Easily delete contacts of duplicate accounts.
Web site: Youlu
4) SanDisk Memory Zone:
This Application is Supported by the Android Operating System. One of its features is Memory Management. Here you can sink phone memory and memory card data such as Videos, Photographs, Music Files into different services such as Dropbocks, Google Drive, Facebook, Sugar Sink etc. It has password protection features also, Which keeps your data in safe mode.
5) inDefend Mobile Backup:
This application is also Supported by the Android Operating System. It also supports the old version 2.0.1 Of AP Android Application. Here users can backup Text Messages, Phonebook, Call Log, Calender Entries, Browser and History. It’s an important Feature is that you can save your Data in Desktop .As well as in Cloud Servor. You Can download this application from Google play store.

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  • Online backup systems are now becoming popular, mainly because they are very convenient to use. You can backup and access all your data using different devices that have an internet connection. What’s even better is that some cloud services offer free storage for your data, which means if you only use a small amount of storage space, you don’t need to pay for it. If you want larger storage space, you can buy it to upgrade the space.

    Managed Cloud Services I Managed Cloud

    • Yes, Russel you justifiedly aforementioned that on-line backup systems area unit trendy currently even additional friendly and handy to use. The makers area unit victimisation these services to provoke folks to achieve competitive advantage over others as a selling Strategy. As Galaxy S4 is providing you with additional Cloud backup than HTC, therefore you’ll foresee to S4 instead of HTC from backup purpose of read.
      So in close to future i’d be seen as a
      Enterprise Cloud Management System.

  • Online backup systems are characteristically built around a client software program that runs on a program, typically once a day, and usually at night while computers aren’t in use. This agenda characteristically collects, compresses, encrypts, and transfers the data to the remote backup examine provider’s servers or off-site hardware.

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