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Tips to buy android handsets

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Now a days android handsets are mushrooming in the market. It is very much difficult to judge which is best. Here are some tips to buy android handsets.


A phone is all about features it’s the key thing which shows value for your money, so choose those phones which have great features in        comparison to other phones.
2. CPU:
Check its CPU speed it should be greater than 1Ghz and architecture like ARMv8 or higher and the brand of CPU some famous brands are QUALCOMM, INTEL.
Please give preference to dual core or quad core CPU if your budget is high because it is better than single core CPU Company like Lava uses a mediatek chipset in its some phone model like lava iris n400


It stands for Graphics Processing Unit, it plays an important role in graphics processing like playing games and movies.
It should be 200 MHz or higher and also check the brand and version of g.p.u used by the phone manufacturer some examples of good g.p.u are ADRENO, VFX etc.
To check there are some benchmarking games  play these games on your phone if the game runs fluently then gpu is good, these games are


 It is mother board or main board on which all the component of the phone is fabricated.
Please prefer those brands and phone model which gives information about their chipset. A good chipset means heavy duty and long life.
Check the details of the chipset on the company website of the chipset.

It should be capacitive with high response and multitouch.

So now when you go to buy an Android handset then search for all above mentioned criteria.

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