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Tips For Increasing SEO rating and Alexa Ranking

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Increasing SEO rating and Alexa Ranking

Many bloggers which are new in field, want to increase their ranking in Alexa but they got not more success after a hard work. Alexa Ranking is ranking of your blog or website which tells about your blog or websites position in the World Wide Web. SEO is Search Engine Optimization which is very necessary for any blogger or website holder to be present in search engines result. Here I am posting some tips to increase your SEO rating and Alexa Ranking.
1. Make sure that you have Meta Tags and Meta content in your HTML coding of your bog or website. These are the keywords for search engines about your blog or website. Add one now and make your description around 154 characters.
2.  It is a good idea to use 1 to 10 Meta keyword phrases with no more then 4 words per keyword phrase.
3. Enable G-Zip data compression to decrease your page load time. You can use other ways to compression such as compression with help of Apache Servers.
4. Use Bold & Strong tags on the most related keywords to the topic on hand.
4. Use more Backlinks to your site to increase Google Page Rank.
5. Try to decrease your image count to less then 12 in a page. It can be done by combining your images into a image sprite.
6.Try to decrease your css count to less then 4. It can be done by combining your css files into 1 file.
7. Do not use to many H2 tags, it should be less than 11 keywords.

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