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Secret emoticons in yahoo! Messenger

Written by Different Trendz
Hidden emoticons in yahoo

As you know people chat from one place to another, with the help of different search engines like Yahoo! Messenger, Facebook, Google Talk etc. All these search engines are supported by instant messaging client and is free of cost too. All these services provide you emoticon which is nothing but blend of emotion and icons such as smile or frown.
But, today I am going to show you Hidden Emoticons trick in Yahoo! Messenger. You just need to follow me. First of all you should have a valid “Yahoo! ID” which also gives you access to other Yahoo! services, such as Yahoo! mail, file transfer, webcam hosting.

Now go to:

the  YEmotePLUS plugin
Step 3:
Open an Instant Message conversation window with any of your contact.
Step 4:
Click ‘Actions’ and then select ‘Choose a Plugin
You will see this screen:…..
Step 5:
 Click the Start button of YEmotePLUS.
There are two lists on the above image. The first set contains the default emoticons and the second contains the hidden ones. Once you click a emoticon, the character combination is displayed on the typing window. Then, when you click ‘Send’ or press ‘Enter’, the emoticon will be sent.
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