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Samsung Galaxy S4 vs HTC One vs Sony Xperia Z vs Blackberry Z10: Army Of Four, Who is Going To Steal Your Heart First?

Written by Different Trendz
As there is an intense competition among the Smartphones throughout the Globe And with the release of HTC ONEBlackberry z10, Samsung Galaxy S 4 and Sony Xperia Z  in the market this competition has raised it Bar and to remain in the number one spot is not a Cake Walk for these four.
As we have already discussed about these Smartphones in our Previous Posts. Today we are  going to compare These four Grand Masters of the Mobile World on the basis of their Specifications I. e. Samsung S4 vs Sony Xperia Z vs HTC One vs Blackberry z10  and you will be going to Decide which one is the champion of all.
So, by now, you have decided that you are going to buy one of these Handsets and well I know you are in a state of mystification in which, you are Not able to decide which one is the current champion. So we are here to make it A little bit easier for you by comparing all of them in front of your naked Eyes.
So, let’s see which Smartphone will be going to steal your heart in 2013!!!. Weather It would be-
 All four Specifications are going to be compared here:
( Note: I have created an Image view for you all to make it more clear and easily distinguishable )
As you see many specifications of all of the above Smartphones are same. There is a difference in their price too.
A disclaimer-  If there is any error Or mistake In information then you can contact us . There is no responsibility Of the author or founder Of blog for any mistake in the specification or Comparing. We provide information about products which we got through the Internet. But we try our best for error free article.
I am awaiting, for your Comments to see which Smartphone you have decided To Buy!!!

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  • In built sound screen camera htc one iz the best to enjoy features like air view removal battery sd card s4 is the best while xperia z is a good phone but not enough but its water proof thats amaizing and z10 is just not too good it has dual core instead of quad core which. Disliked the most

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