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How To Install WordPress Theme Manually Via cPanel

How to download theme manually with cPanel
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WordPress is a platform where you can establish your own portfolio, blog, website, Shopify stores etc. For running your own things you should have a beautiful WordPress eye-catching theme. So, is it really easy to install themes and run your own website ?

For, some it may be easy for some could be a nightmare. Installing a theme is a really easy process. I will give you few steps which are required for installing a theme.

Steps For Installing A Theme

  1. Purchase one beautiful hosting like Hostgator, in motion, Bluehost and install WordPress in it using inbuilt software like softaculous or you can install it manually.
  2.  Then after installing, you will be given a path where you need to enter your credentials. For example, the path would look like this
  3. Enter your login and password.
  4. Welcome to you WordPress Dashboard.
  5. Go to appearance > Themes > Add New > You can upload it manually /Select Any Theme > Install> Activate

Your new WordPress site is created and now you can show to your friends. I have created a website.

But, sometimes the above process won’t work out and you face a situation in which you are not able to install a theme correctly. In that situation what needs to be done.

Problem Question ? I am not able to install WordPress theme as style.css is missing.

Theme installation failed

So, What is the solution of above step? Since you cannot install it from your WordPress dashboard.

Here is another process where you can install your theme via cPanel of your hosting account. As in the first step, I have told you about hosting account now I will tell you how you can install the theme via cPanel without using FileZilla.

I am going to write few easy steps so that it clears your doubt how to install it. If you are facing any query, you can contact me directly via the contact us form.

  1. Login to your hosting account using username and password.
  2. Click on cPanel and you will be redirected to its folder.
  3. Click on Files > File Manager> Document Root For (Your website name)> wp content > themes > upload> upload theme manually in zipped file > extract.
  4.  Go to your dashboard and there you will find this theme uploaded via cPanel.
  5. Click on install> activate

That is how you are going to upload your theme via cPanel. Please share my post if you find it interesting 🙂

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