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I Can Enhance Speed Of USB Drive Thousand Times Faster, Can you??

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The USB device has evolved from a common way into the most used way to transfer data. With the continuous growth of the USB drive storage capacity, problems of transfer speed have evolved. Although USB 2.0 has appeared a while ago and we are ready for the USB 3.0 speeds, there are other ways that you can increase the transfer speed.
Few methods are there to enhance the speed of USB drive but the most important factor which affects the performance of USB drive is its version. If the USB version is 2.0 and also the version of your computer USB port is 2.o then the speed of your USB is at present running at almost optimum. 
If you want better performance then you should switch to higher version of USB, which is USB version 3.0. This version of USB drives are expensive also.

Still for existing drives you can perform following two steps to improve the performance.

  •  You can change the NTFS volume of drive to FAT volume to improve the speed of data transfer. Although FAT volume is older system of allocation as compared to NTFS so you can choose whether to do so or not.

            You can easily find manual to do so on Google search.

  •  You can optimize the USB drive for performance by enabling write cache.
  • For doing so you can follow the given steps.

a) Go to Device Manager
b) Expand the disk drive tree
c) Go to policies tab
d) Right click the USB drive and select properties.
e) Go to radio tab for better performance or optimize for performance and click ‘ok’

This step shall be performed with the USB drive attached to the computer.

Follow both steps one by one and see which helps you.

Thus, you can increase write speed of USB flash drive
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