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How to get High PR Dofollow & KeywordLuv Backlinks and Install 12 SEO Google Chrome Toolbar Extension

Written by rhlcbz

Today, I am going to tell you about an amazing Google Chrome Extension which can tell you about 12 Important SEO Parameters in just a minute. It is a matter of time that you need to download it to your Google Chrome Browser and than the magic begins.

Here are complete list of SEO Parameters that it shows, with brief explanation about each.

Full list of SEO parameters:

Google PageRank : Google page rank is one of the mathematical algorithm used to rate the quality, importance of a web page. Using this tool you can check page rank of any website in your browser search settings. A higher page rank means the value of website is more.
Google Index : It is a tool which is used to find out how many pages are indexed by google in a search engine.
Yahoo links : It shows that how many websites are linking to yours website from different URL.
Yahoo linkdomain : It checks the yahoo backlinks from different domain like tech, health, Edu etc.
Bing index : It shows the number of pages indexed by bing search engine.
Alexa Rank : It is a tool which measures the website ranking as compared to others website in the internet.
Webarchive age : It will tell you how old is our website.
Delicious index : It acts like a bookmark manager.
Whois link : It is used to find the registrar name who has purchased domains.
Page supply : It is used to find the benefits customers are getting from different sites.
SEMRush rank : It shows you that for which Keyword your site is rated in search engine.
Nofollow links : It simply tells you to ignore the links and do not follow it.

So, any guesses which Google Chrome Extension I am talking about, I think you made your guess right. Yes, I am talking about SeoQuake Extension. This Extension not only saves your time and work but it will also help you to find different parameters within seconds.

But, Today I am also going to tell you about DoFollow and KeywordLuv Blogs and how to find blogs which are Dofollow and Keyword love with respect to SeoQuake Chrome Extension Toolbar.

Firstly, Let’s Start with Basic. What are DoFollow and KeywordLuv Blogs.

Do Follow, Keyword


DoFollow Blogs : In simplest term I would say that it is a part of OFF Page SEO and allow search engines to crawl link on the blog in which you are going to comment to get a backlink to your own blog. So it will not only increase your visitors but quality links too.
KeywordLuv Blogs : These blogs works similary as explained above, but the major difference is that they are keyword enabled blogs. For example, If we take “technology” as a niche than all those blogs related to “technology” will come under Keyword Technology Luv enabled blog.

There is a particular method to find these type blogs. You need to type “yourname@yourkeywords” within Inverted commas to be more specific in your Seach Engine. But remember I have told you about Seoquake Extension since it is installed in your browser it will let you know about the Higer Page Rank Blogs, If you comment on higher page rank blog you will automatically get higer quality backlinks.

For Example:

Sort “yourname@keyword”Technology (You can replace technology by any other niche& find Higher PR Blogs to comment). Thus, it’s done to seek out DoFollow and KeywordLuv blogs.
This is all I have shown in my Video. Let me give you brief step by step procedure that I have followed and presented in my video.
Step By Step Procedure:

1. Open your browser
2. Type SEOquake Extension
3. Google will search it, than in the black box click it, to install SEOquake to chrome.
4. Now its time to enable it and then again open Google search engine and type “your@keyword”Technology, this is done to find dofollow blogs and when you search it you will see an Star Button over home page of Google Chrome Right click to Search settings and drag search results per page to 100, then you will find what SEOquake have done to your browser search setting, you will see 12 SEO parameters,
5. Right click on arrow of PR and sort it from Higher PR to Lower PR and Vice Versa.
6. You will see results with different PR of websites and finally click over higher PR website and post comment to get Backlinks weather its Dofollow or KeywordLuv Enabled, You will get traffic back to your site.Note : Watch this Video, than it will be more clear to you.

It was all from my side, tell me about yours way of doing it.

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