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How to Generate Privacy Policy in Free for Blogger(Blogspot) and Other websites

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Privacy Policy-

Privacy Policy is the Statement of blogger that how he collect his data and how he use it. In Privacy Policy information is given about the Cookie placed in the visitors computer and purpose of placing cookie in his computer. In Privacy policy there is also information about company and log files. 
In some cases where Advertisements is present in websites then there are some more content which should be mentioned in Privacy Policy.

Privacy Policy Generater –

There are several online Privacy Policy generaters who generate Privacy policy in free for you. In these Privacy Policy generaters you have to give basic information about cookie, security, website url etc and they will prepare your privacy policy then you can use it in your blog.
There are some online services who create Privacy Policy according to Advertisement Provider for example Google Adsene, Chitika etc.

Websites for generating Free Privacy Policy

Website for generating Privacy Policy according to Ad Providers like Google Adsense, Chitika etc.

With help of you can generate Privacy Policy for your blog which will suitable for Google Adsense, Comission Junction, Kontera, Chitika, Widget Bucks, Azoogle, Clickbank, Linkshare and Amazon.You can create Privacy Policy for your Blogger (Blogspot) blog, WordPress or any other.

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