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How To Earn Money Online Genuinely With These 41 Different Ways

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 Earning Money Sounds great, isn’t it ?What Online !!!

No You are kidding right, No I am not, there are different ways to earn genuine money online.This has been just a short  oral communication, that  I actually have with my friend few days back and he was stunned,  that I am earning my part time income from the internet and that too in Dollars $$$. Well even in this twenty first century people don’t know that there are several ways to make money online and they always think that these are Scams. Yes there are Scams, but you should have to opt yourself with your wide eyes whether this way is legitimate or not?

But, there is one fact also If you want to earn online, you have to work hard for it. It needs your dedication , you have to spare time for it near about 5 to 6 hour’s per day, Constant  sole effort, Patience, perseverance, Imagination, Knowledge, Interest and what more ???? Oh!! Yeah, I forgot to mention ” Happening of Anything, Everything and Nothing depends on you and you only ” and that is equal to what more ???

The Reason , I am justifying you all these things is because you are the one who would be responsible for earning or not as it completely depends on you and you only to work over internet. So, It’s easy, When I say there are different ways to earn cash, but to grab it from others is the most difficult thing to do. Yes, there are people who are earning and making income but it is also a fact that they work 20 hours a day to earn that dollars. I know several people who are my facebook friends and they have left there job and making there livelihood from the Internet, they have inspired me and many others too. I was inspired by  one of the famous blog by a famous person Amit Agarwal.

Well, It was all about How, What and Why? Let’s divert a bit and talk about different ways of making money online. Since, there are many topics and wide talk over this in different Search Engines like Google, Yahoo!! And bing. I would be going to show you my own video and in this video I have talked about 41 different ways. So choose the best which suits you the most.

Why Video?
In short, I would say that what Sandeep  Maheshwari ( CEO of Imagesbazzar.comand motivator cum inspirer) told the audience that ” It is only the images that will mark a spotlight in your brain  and it works like a spark plug and that will solely encourage you from inside to do different things”.
The second thing is, You are getting 41 tips and ways to earn cash and fill your pocket in dollars with this short video of 2:29 minutes. In short, “Big things come in a small package”That’s Why, I actually have created  this video for you all. 

Please do comment about this video and do subscribe if you like it because in my next video I am going to explain in detail about different ways of all these 41 ways in detail.


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  • Waoo, you are an expert you have made an amazing video, to learn these differnt ways of making money..great post.

  • Today i must say that i learned new methods to make money online by seeing your videos .Thanks

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