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How to add your Blog or website to Google search engine for more Traffic

Adding a Blog or Website to Search Engines

Today for more traffic in blog or website it is necessary that it is present in search engines. Search engines are the main way to get content from web so if you want to be searched in web then you have submit your URL to the search engines.


It is the more powerful search engine in the web so it is necessary to be list in this search engine.To add a website or blog you have to sign in Google WebMaster Tools tools with your Gmail account. Here you can add your websiteGoogle Webmaster Tools

Steps for adding your website.

1. First Log in , in the above link.

2. Then click on ” Add A Site”

3.After clicking on it if it is a Blogger blog then it need not the verification, but if it will in other domain then it need site verification.

4. In “Verification method”  choose “Upload an HTML File”.

5.Go to your website dashboard or account and Edit HTML of site.

6.Click file, Page settings to access the page setting of the site.

7. To “Upload Google File” , click the “Browse” button and select the HTML tag you have downloaded .

8. When you have done it then you will see ” Your Google verification file has been successfully uploaded.

9. Now you have to click on “Verify” on your Google Webmaster Tools for complete verification of the site.

There are also some other alternate ways for site verification such as Google Analytics code, adding a meta tag in site home page and sign in to domain name provider.

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