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Google Adword is going to stop “Keyword Tool” and will give “Keyword Planner”

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Google Keyword Tool

Google Adword is going to stop his Keyword tool service. This online tool was favorite for bloggers to research on keywords. In Keyword tool you can search about keywords , its popularity and global search and it also tell about the competition in internet on that keyword.
Google Keyword Tool, Google Keyword Planner
 It is available for few months now but after it it will be going to be more smarter and stronger keyword research tool.  In new Keyword planner there will be the qualities of Keyword Tool and Traffic Estimator. New Keyword Planner will be more suitable for traffic estimation for advertisements.
 Let’s compare these two services-

1. Google Adword Keyword Tool

Adword Keyword Tool, Adword Keyword Planner1. In this tool you can find keyword traffic and competition on it .
2. In this you can see the global searches as well as monthly seaches.
3. I is also giving “Ad group ideas” .
4. We can search keywords by categories in it.
5. We can filter the results by location, language and devices.
6. We can also save our keyword search results .

2.Google Keyword Planner

1. In this you can three options-
 a)  Search for keywords
 b) Enter or Upload keywords for seeing performance
Adword Keyword Planner, Better Adword keyword search c) you can multiply keyword lists.
2. In this you can get keyword stats as well as the traffics on it.
3. In this tool you can also see the your price estimation also.
4. This tool is better in user experience .
5. You can see traffic in graph it mean better understanding for traffic.
Google Keyword and Google keyword planner
 Google is working for better user experience and increasing its Advertisement industry. Now it is easy to make a Adword Campaign in few clicks.

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