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An Evernote Review and Overview

Now a day you can Convert your Evernote voice notes to text. Record voice notes as usual by Using your favorite “EVERNOTE APPLICATION” on your Smartphone, PC or browser. Or for totally handsfree voice notes give you a special phone number to dial and speak yours Note using ANY phone.
There are many softwares which can convert hand notes into voice notes . But to convert it, we have limited amount of applications and softwares.
Evernote Convert it
Evernote takes your voice note and convert it to text. You can even tag the Notes by saying ”TAG WITH” at the end.
These softwares can only work in desktops, but these are mobile supported Applications and few in number. Sometimes when we are unable to write due to Fatigue or laziness , but yet our greatest desire is to convert our ordering Words into text words. Thus this technology would definitely work . It is Available in various mobile phones like Blackberry, APPLE, ANDROID, iPhone, windows Home.
Thus the, main application of Evernote Application is:
1) No typing for you!
You need not to type Anything everything is going to be typed by Evernote Application.
2) Searchable Voice Notes!
Now you can search your Voice 
Notes its fast and gives you a convenient way to get useful notes in Evernote quickly and handsfree.
3) Record Your Note
You can convert your voice notes simply into texts.
I would now give you the stepwise procedure to install EVERNOTE APPLICATION
  • First of all install Evernote application on your phone.
  • You can also download This application from the website Evernote.
  • Now go to voice2note.dial2do and there you will see an option Free Plan click it And sign it up.
  • Note: You can convert only 5 voice notes into texts using This free plan.
  • After reading all the Instructions integrate it with Evernote application.
If you are busy in a meeting , lecture or classroom, then you just need to Switch on over Evernote Application and record your voice notes. This recorded Voice note automatically transfers to voice2note service and is converted into Texts.
It is to be noted that this service is available only for English users.


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