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Best video converter with amazing high speed conversion

Written by Different Trendz
Today I am going to start my article with a discussion that has never been discussed so far. I am going to ask you a general question.
Which Software Application is best for converting videos into different formats within a frame of second?
Confused a bit!!!
Since there are so many applications which can convert videos but to choose right converter from thousands of software is not a cakewalk. So today I am going to discuss about a powerful application which will surely meet all your requirements to convert all videos within a frame of time.
Wondershare video converter ultimate lets u easily convert videos and supports up to  150 + video formats which includes MP4, MOV, M4V, WMV, VOB, MTS, MPEG, REAL, AVI, FLV and not only this you can tune into any device including Computer, iPhone, iPad, Web, DVD as well as smartphones.
Let me give you a brief introduction about who these people are. Wondershare Technology Corporation provides hi-tech application software’s to its global customers across the world. Its vision is “Wonderful Software, Wonderful Life”. Wondershare is dedicated to provide superb software products and services for Windows, Mac, OS X, iOS, Android and other operating system. For more information visit there site by (click here).

But why I prefer Wondershare Video Converter Ultimate and not others?

This is a wonderful peace of software that came to me just in the neck of time. You are going in out there and you are creating a lot of video files of the way that I do. But one disadvantage that I found using other software’s is that they took hell lot of a time to convert one video file format to another. So creating these videos and converting them took lot of time. So regularly I encoded my videos in .Flv, then I encoded into .f4v and now I encoded it in .MP4. Now most of the time when you decide to go well and upload your video files onto a platform the platform will be able to interpret whatever video files you give it and will be able to do whatever it needs to do. So when I upload my video files to YouTube, I can upload .Flv, .F4v, .Mp4. I can easily upload these files with absolutely no problem.


But the major problem is that as you grow up and try to distribute your content into different steams and onto different platform you will run into an issue because many video files are encoded into .F4V. But basically when you upload your videos classes into platforms like Vimeo it will not accept .F4V format but will accept .MP4. And these lectures are quite big in size to upload and convert them takes lot of time, Whereas other video converter had weird quality issues and they would lock up, it would freeze and it would take like 10-15 minutes to actually do everything that needed to be done per video and then per video it would take couple of hours to encode. It was just a nightmare. They were free like free make video converter but you know “You get what you paid for” and they were free 🙂
So I was striving under difficult circumstances to do something, but I found Wondershare Video Converter Ultimateand I tried to find out who these guys are, How the hell it covert Video files to different file types. So I thought let me give it a try.
So, I downloaded it, I installed it and OH MY GOD!!!
These folks were amazing there software is like an inspiring awe. While other software’s were not user friendly at all. But with this software you can easily covert videos in just three simple steps. It was just the most amazing thing in the world. This was the only reason I decided to go for Wondershare Video Converter Ultimate.

Now I am going to review this wonderful product in detail.

Before getting into detail let me give you step by step procedure how to install this software.
  1. Open your browser and go to their site (click here).
  2.    Then in the front view you will get a tab as marked by me in the     box as shown in the pic, known as multimedia tab, click over it as this software is compatible with windows or mac. So you can choose any of them.
  3.  Then in a new window which pops up, there will be two options Free Trial and Buy Now. I would suggest you to buy this one as its pro version will give a superfast speed to convert videos into any format you want to convert. Nothing is free in this world if you have to use the best product from thousand different software’s it will cost you only 49.95$.

 Let’s look into its detail specs and features of this software.

  1.  Powerful Format Converter: It uses Apextrans advance technology which can easily convert videos 30X times faster than other converts without losing any quality. As I have already explained it supports up to  150 + video formats which includes MP4, MOV, M4V, WMV, VOB, MTS, MPEG, REAL, AVI, FLV (I cannot write whole formats over here so I have shown this in the form of pic) and not only this you can tune into any device including
     Computer, iPhone, iPad, Web, DVD as well as smartphones. I would bet you that you will never fine this kind of conversion speed in any software ever. As I have already told you the reason why I have used this software above there is no need to discuss it again. 
  2.  User Friendly Interface: Its user friendly interface lets you to convert videos in only three steps which includes adding files>choose format/devices>convert. All you have to do is drag and drop the file that want to convert choose format and type of device and click on convert. It will be explained in the video which give you clear picture how does it work.
  3.  Do many other things then converting videos: If you think that it only convert videos then you may be wrong as it now only convert videos but it actually does lot of things like Dvd Burner, Video Editor, Video Downloader.
To burn DVD simply click on middle tab written as “Burn” then drag videos that you want to add, click on the right side to open “Burn to DVD” window” choose different options from there like add music, background etc. Insert a blank DVD to burn your files. As shown in the.
  4.  Edit videos to make it personalized: If you need to edit your videos then Standard editing functions like trim, crop, effect, watermark, subtitle, merge, rotate videos etc. You can select a video that you want to edit then click on edit image section. You can also merge two files by using “Merge into One File Option”.
  5.  Download videos in bulk: It will allow you to download unlimited amount of videos which are online on different platforms like Youtube, Vimeo etc. There is an option says “Add url” to download all your video files in a frame of time.
#Note: The major 5 points that I explained above will now be presented in the form of video which I have already shown you above. Hope you guys will enjoy it so that above points will become crystal clear.
Thus, this piece of software can do a lot of things that you have ever imagined before. It is an awesome piece of application that converts videos at an ultrafast, blistering speed. Thus 49.95$ for this piece of software is nothing as compared to other apps. If you really want to convert all your video formats within a frame of time then (clickhere) to purchase this stuff as soon as everyone grabs it. 

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