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Best Streaming Audio Recording Software

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As the name suggest audio recorder which can record any form of audio source. In short, we can say that it’s a player which can record online music without any copyright issues.
Imagine that you want to record your friend’s voice that is staying quite a distance away from you and has a very important message that he wants to deliver. Now you can easily record its voice and save it with just one click with the help of “Wondershare Streaming AudioRecorder“.

Let us look inside what are its features and how it works?

1. Record Audio from any digital Audio Source: You can record any virtual audio source such as YouTube videos, radio station channels, online radio and many more with this amazing software. Wondershare streaming audio recorder is 100% genuine source of recording sounds and does not comply with any copyright issues.
2. One Click Recording: If you are a lover of music and wanted to record your songs then you can easily do it with a single click. Audio recorder will start recoding songs automatically and split as well as filter these songs according to required genre. It can automatically filter ads which may run between songs and give you a complete set of songs which are fully saved on your software.
3.  Easily Customize your recordings: There is a word called “Retrieve metadata” which is embedded with the audio recorder details such as the artist, album art and genre will be embedded to the music file. You can easily split and customize your songs whichever way you like.
4. Ringtone Creator: You can easily create ringtone of your favorite songs easily with the help of this software.
Includes Streaming Audio Recoder

5. Lossless Audio Recording and Compatible: This wondershare product consist of a sound recorder card which will help to keep your audio recordings safe and secure with cent percent audio quality. This audio recorder is able to be used without a problem with so many sites like YouTube, Radio mirchi, BBC Radio, ITunes radio etc.

Thus, Keep your ears open and listen to all wonderful songs that you have saved so far. No use of internet to download your audio when this amazing wondershare product is here.
Buy this product so that you can save your recordings in future. You can get this product from this link given below as it cost’s only 29$ but with my link you can avail this recorder with just 19$ click here.

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