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Best Free Backup Programs To Protect Your Data

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You know that what sinking feeling you may get when your really important documents on social networking sites, Blogs and operating system running on your system is lost. So it is really important that you should have a full copy of all your vital data. In order to be on safer side you should back them up regularly.
As I have already told you about Cloud backup, today I am going to tell you about Social Network backup, Blog backup and Windows 7 backup.



 It automatically creates a full copy of all your vital data from the major social media networks like Facebook, Twitter, Gmail, LinkedIn, Instagram, Foursquare, Videos and Flickr. If you lost every bit of critical data while uploading any document on a server then  in that case Frostbox is a vital tool to restore your Data back.

Note: You get 1 GB free storage data and in case you refer someone else you will get 200 MB more. Backupify:

It is another web service which can backup a number of popular services like Facebook, Twitter, Gmail, LinkedIn, Picasa and Flickr. It is something each one of us should consider using it. It has a decent free plans as well as paid plans. You can also store your Tweets, Wall Posts, Photo Albums  as well as News feed.

Note: You get 1 GB online free storage Data.



Google Takeout allows you to download a copy of your data stored within Google products such as Blog, Google +, Buzz, Google Drive, Google+Circles, Google+Stream, Google Pages, YouTube etc. In order to do import your Data you should have a valid Gmail-ID to sign In and in you will see various Google products and then select Blog in order to import your data. Here you can also Download your all backup files into your system. You can also import your posts in Blogspot First go to settings>others>Import Blog.

Note: You will be asked to verify your password again and again even though you are already signed in.



If you are a windows 7 user then you can set up automatic backups or manually backup your files at any time. To back up your files you need to perform various steps mentioned below:

1) Open Backup and Restore by clicking the START BUTTON>CONTROL PANEL>System and Maintenance>Backup and Restore.

Note: I would always recommend you to use (external hard disks, DVDs or CDs) to backup your windows 7 files and do not use your own hard disks of system to backup files in order to be in safer side.

2) To create a new, full backup you need to follow above mentioned process and then on left panel you will see an option Create new, full backup.

Note: Full Backup is being saved only on CDs and DVDs.


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