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Best 42 Apps For A Windows Phone

Written by Different Trendz
Today I am going to tell you about best Apps for windows phones which are used widely. There are many apps in internet but everyone want best app and best app are those apps which are suitable and easy to operate for everyone and become viral. A mobile application may be a program or piece of a package designed to fulfill a particular purpose. The Piece of package navigates from one platform to a different. These Mobile applications are used in Smartphones, Tablets and alternative mobile devices. With the arrival of Technology the amount of mobile applications is additionally increasing day by day. Google Play Store, Windows Phone Store, Apple Application are  distributing platforms of mobile applications for retailers.

There is a trend for Android Phones these days and with Lumia series Nokia is trying its best to catch as many viewers as it can by launching its best mobile applications. Nokia Lumia series have very good windows phone so it is necessary to use best apps for windows phone in them for better use.

So, today we are going to discuss some popular applications for windows phone.

Disqus – It is derived from the word “DISCUSS”, where people from all over the world discuss over an issue and comes to the conclusion that is quite beneficial.

Microsoft Office – Everybody is aware of  Microsoft and Microsoft workplace may be a cluster of the meant programs written in programmable Language C++. It is one of the best app for windows phone which is widely used. Used as Associate in Nursing package i.e.  “Microsoft Windows” and “OS X”. It’s completely different versions Like Microsoft Excel, Word, Power Point and One Note. You can install new Microsoft Office 2013 or Office 365, however it’s very tough to settle on between them, thus opt for sagely.

Xbox Smartglass ‎-  It’s developed by Microsoft and works on the Xbox 360 and Xbox one platform. It’s utilized in phones, tablets to enhance the standard of games. The terms that you can use with Xbox are Entertainment, Experience, Interact.

Xbox Extra – This application allows you to connect with friends share your experience, conversation and messages using Xbox Live and gaming experience is just amazing.

Halo Waypoint – It’s a downloadable application for all Halo connected contents and includes info on video games, books, media and merchandise. Developed by 343i Industries.

Weave News Reader –  This is all in one Package, where you’ll choose the news sources sorted by completely different classes like Technology, World events, Gaming etc. The simplest half concerning weaver is that you just will follow any journal, website and get updated with them, It’s almost like subscribing to a news-sheet.

SkyDrive – It os one of the best app for windows phone for online storage. It is a cloud storage device where you can store your pics, files and other vital knowledge. You’ll use these files from any place and share them among your friends

Box  – It is also a online storage app and we categorize it as best app for windows phone.  As the name suggest Box is an online file storage device which you can access and share it from anywhere.

Audible ‎ – Audible online stores are used to download and listen music on your phone in different formats.

Cut the Rope – If we take a look on games then here is one of the best app of gaming for windows phone.  It is a video game developed by ZeptoLab. In this game you need to feed candy to a green monster while collecting stars. It is a superb game to download on a phone.

Draw Something  –  It’s the foremost common drawing game within which your friends can draw some random words and you wish to guess what he has written. I actually love this game.

BBC iPlayer  – This application is used to listen various radio channels and watching T.V live provided and developed by the BBC.

Amazon Kindle – It is developed by with a purpose of reading digital eBooks. Here a person can also shop, download, browse and read different blogs and magazines via digital media.

Amazon Mobile –  This application is often utilized in mobile phones and is employed by those that like to look at retail markets provided by Here you’ll compare costs, search and might notice the simplest deals to shop for any item from Amazon.

Chase Mobile – To manage your bank details, finance safe and secure, to transfer money from one place to another is possible these days with a one click with the effective use of chase mobile application.

YouTube‎ – ‎‎Everyone is aware about YouTube application and YouTube is the biggest platform for sharing your videos. YouTube app is counted in best apps for a windows phone by everyone. In fact the best part is that, you can also earn by sharing your videos by Google AdSense. So keep sharing your videos and earn dollars from them.

Instagram‎ –  It is a best app for sharing photos on windows phone. This application is used to share photos free of cost with your friends, relatives and families. It is the best application to have in every phone.

Tune in Radio –  If you don’t have time to watch TV than the best way to keep you updated from different stories, events, news from all over the world is to download tune in radio application and listen to all radio stations from all over the world.

Pandora ‎- Pandora is also known as Pandora Internet Radio (PIR). Here user’s choose music from completely different genre category and ultimately offer feedback which can be positive or negative. The most generally used application by users.

Spotify  ‎- It’s another music application that is employed to store many songs in one place and  provide a wide variety of songs that can be saved and play further. Its tag line is Music for every moment and the application well justified it. For its viral nature and quality of wide variety of songs it is also counted in best apps for a windows phone.

UC Browser – For better internet browsing everyone search for best mobile browser. If you too need one the UC Browser is one of the best app for your windows phone. This application is used in almost all the categories of phones because it provides fast with different features for surfing the net and download anything from anywhere around the world.

eBay – If you want to purchase any item from an online store then you have chosen the right application. eBay provides different sort of items under one roof and also provide exciting offers for online customers. Electronic Items, Apparels, Fashionable Clothes, Cameras and many more come under this shopping list. It is listed as shopping app which is counted in best apps for windows phone.

DailyMotion  – It is another mobile application which provides a platform to share, view and upload any number of videos. It is also counted in best apps for a windows phone.

ESPN –  If we come under gaming section then everyone search for best apps for windows phone. So for gaming app ESPN app is a good choice for updates of games.  Latest sports news from everywhere the globe is roofed by espn. It includes soccer, NBA, Baseball, MLB and many more.

Flixster and Fandango -‎ Both are movie sites where you can buy movie ticket, ,watch trailers and moreover you can read movie reviews too. If you love watching movies than these applications will come handy to you.

IMDB – If we talk about best apps for windows phone and did not talk about this app then it will be a mistake.  It is also known as Internet Movie Database. It is the world’s largest assortment of movies, Tv shows and celebrity information as well as video games.

Zinio – It is the largest collection of digital magazines from all over the world.

gMaps – Google maps are widely used application these days to seek out an on-site location of your space, It offers you direction to travel and also the zooming facility helps you to seem over the tiniest of small cities within the map. It is a best apps for windows phone to see the location of himself or to see the map.

Netflix and Hulu Plus – ‎Watch your favorite movies, family shows, youngsters special cartoon shows on-line by using this application on your phone.

Skype  ‎- I love this application as it helps me to chat with my old mates for free. You just have to create an account, sign in and connect with the persons email-id or Skype-name and start video chatting, conferencing for free. It is categorized in best apps for windows phone because it is a good app for free video and audio chatting.

Camera 360 – It has become very popular around the globe and Provides wide variety of photography options. It has also introduced its new feature camera 360 cloud, another cloud platform where everyone can store its files, Pics within the allocated memory space.

Evernote – As the word implies it is a note taking web application where a brief written records of Facts, topics or thoughts used as an aid to memory also termed as an annotation. – Dictionary uses wide variety of words and its meaning and if you use this application it may increase your vocab section and You may Qualify other exams as it improves your word power.

Tumblr ‎ – If You want to share any post, notes, photos, videos, chats, links than You can just register your account on Tumblr a micro blogging web application for windows.

VEVO‎ – It is a music cum video website. It is moreover an entertainment Platform for all music lovers, You can also watch premiere videos live and watch streaming Live concerts.

Viber  – Viber is one of the most widely used applications and is used to connect people all over the world. The key features about this application are Free Messaging, Free calls, Send Free video messages and you can share your pics with your close friends.

Vimeo – Vimeo is the best site to upload your videos and share it worldwide. Why I said best because You can upload your videos really fast and edit it without sole effort.

Ypmobile – This application is termed as Yellow Page & is widely used by Businessmen around the world. It allows you to find any local business right from your mobile which includes features, bids, reviews and Paths of that Business.

Wikipedia – There is no need to explain this application as it used in every mobile phone. I would only say that this is “ All In One Application”.

WeChat – WeChat is going popular day by day, it is used for Sending Text Messages, Free Video Messages and even You can do a Group Chat If you want and also supports Photo,Voice Text Messaging service.

These were some other popular apps for windows phone 8. This list will never end as the Smartphones applications are increasing day in and day out.

Please do comment about your popular mobile apps that you are using on your windows phone.

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