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Basics Of Blogging It’s Rules And Steps That Are Required To Be A Blogger

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How I came to know about blogging and earning via a blog.

Hey! Hi, I want to talk to You in Private, really Is there any Girlfriend’s matter 🙂 No, It is about a different Issue. Ok, tell me now and in a College canteen he told me about blogging. I said I knew about blogs and at Once  he asked me How much you are making Out of It. I said, What do you mean. He said again “How many bucks you are Making in a day”. In reply I told him , Can we earn while blogging ? I was in Shock!!! Really At that time, I was thinking that No one can earn via online, Are you crazy no one can earn online. He told me no people are Making thousands and thousands of dollars per month, we can make it big. Forget It, You folk, Go and study, I don’t have time for these stupid crazy works. This was the first day, when I learned about blogging.
Second day in college;
Hey, Hi!! Want to earn money, I said Not again, Please and The day ends.
Third day in college;
Hey, Hi we will make it big, I said, Why are you forcing me To join your f***ing  blog. Go away. Other, wise I am gonna kick your ass.
Fourth and the Final day of Blogging In College;
He again told me to join and this time I told him, I don’t know anything about it, I only write and that’s my Passion. He said that is why I am forcing you to join blogging, Why I am forcing you because for Blogging there is a simple rule” Content Is The King Of Blog”.

The day ends from that day, I was his partner. The next day he invited me through Email And the journey started from there on I joined his blog (http: // As a content writer but not an Administrator. And I wrote there two articles About Hacking. And I also liked his Facebook page and we met on Facebook. He told me everything About blogging. Also told me to join  twoFacebook groups  Techism and Bloggers Lounge.
Rule 2: If You want to be a prior blogger with no knowledge about blogging than you can join these two groups.
Result: Slowly and Steadily, I was learning about Blogging and Words related to it like SEO, Keyword, Meta Tag, Contents, H1, H2, H3 tags there importance.
But, my friend always tried to motivate me by giving different Links of famous personalities like Harsh Agarwal, Amit Agarwal on Facebook. Which I always read and found it as a strategy for self-motivation in this Field.
Rule 3: To start a Self-Blog always reads motivational books, Interviews because there would be different things which will try to deviate From this Path.
My friend has really helped me in Blogging and he always Forced me to do different things. And after a month he made me  the administrator of his blog and Now I was his complete Partner in this field. We started our blog In the month of December 2012, with the help of hosted domain and Later on in the month of march, when we purchased our new domain .com from Go daddy, We found that it has affected our Alexa Rank and Traffic of our site as we purchased our domain quite late.
Rule 4: Before Starting your blog always purchase your fresh Domain from Godaddy, Bigrock etc. So, that it will not affect your ranking and Other aspects.
So, what I learned from him was all about basics of blogging and this subject that was quiteUnfamiliar to me but become Familiar after a few months of deep study. So before You start a blog always remember these basic rules it will help you to reach The pinnacle of your blogging part time career.  It will lead you to an amazing field of entrepreneur.
So, Now I am going to disclose his name, his name is “RUPESH KUMAR”, Thanks for being my friend, I will always remember you what you have done for me.
What I learned from these six months of blogging field is quite a big list, this list contains 8 steps that are required to be a good blogger.
   1.    Hardwork as well as Smartwork both works with Blog.
   2.    Commitment is required to initiate any blog to Face challenges with courage and determination.
   3.    Resourcefulness – so that he may solve any Problem quite easily.
   4.    Innovation and creativity to make your blog unique From the rest of the world as there is tough competition  in the internet.
   5.    Goal oriented planning should be done while you Start a blog, make prior plans.
   6.    Self belief is one that you should have before Starting a blog.
   7.    Perseverance and never give up attitude must be there in every blogger.
   8.    Patience is a big issue that people don’t have Instead they need money before reaching any goal.
It was all from my side please tell me about Your’s story and the way you started your blog.

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