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Awesome Effects on Google And Bing Search Engines By elgooG

Written by Different Trendz

elgooG.im  Great  Website For Google And Bing Effects  

Many people hear about Google search engine effects and they want to try these effect but they do not know the right way for it. 
For experience  different look of Google search engine first go to 

First go to ‘elgooG.im’  


When you open this site it will take you to Google website which is completely backward. In this website you see the mirror image of Google search engine. In this website you will see some options in the lower side of the window such as Underwater, Gravity, Terminal etc. These are the other effects of Google search engine you can click on them and can experience different Google search engine.
I am going to tell about these options.
When you click on this  then a new window open of Google search engine in which Google search engine is floating in a water surface. Whenever you will click on the water surface then waves generated and Google will flow in water. It have awesome effect.
It is an other effect on Google. In this effect when you open it it looks normal and when you take cursor on Google then it breaks into parts and comes down on the surface. you can try this awesome trick.
It is a game which is given by Google you can try it when ever you feel bore or you want to time pass. It is a good game you will enjoy by playing this.
It is my very good effect, in this effect you will feel different look like somewhat CMD. After opening it will wait for answer as S/L. If you select ‘S’ then ‘Search’ will open and if you selected ‘L’ then ‘I Am Feeling Lucky’ will Open.
It is a  effect which will impress you with it’s guitar voice. In this effect Google Is written with help of Guitar cords and if you play it by disturbing it by cursor then it will give a melodies voice. You can record your melodies which is played by you and then you can play it. For recording you have to click on the small circle below the guitar. .Just try it .

Bing Effects

It is a effect of Bin searc engine . By this effect you can see all the Bing images in slide show. As you know bing search engine images are very beautiful so in this effect it is also look great.
Bing Mirror http://gnib.org/

It is also a effect of Bing Search engine. In this effect you will see the Bing’s mirror image. It is same as like Google search engine mirror image.
It is the effect in which your location is showed with the help of your browser if your browser support location information. In this effect the supported browser’s are given in the bottom of page .
Interne Explorer v9.0 and later
Firefox v3.5 and later
chrome v5.0 and later
Safari v5.0 and later
Opera v10.60 and later 

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